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In the MSN protocol, notifications are the primary means of receiving MSN Mobile messages. They are received with the IPG command and are in the XML format as follows.

<NOTIFICATION id="Number (Message Counter?)" siteid="111100400" siteurl="">
	<TO name="Email Address">
		<VIA agent="mobile"/>
	<FROM name="tel:+Mobile Phone Number|Email Address"/>
	<MSG pri="1" id="1|407">
		<CAT Id="110110001"/>
		<ACTION url="2wayIM.asp"/>
		<SUBSCR url="2wayIM.asp"/>
		<BODY lcid="1033">
			<TEXT>Message Text</TEXT>
  • The name attribute of the FROM tag may contain either a mobile phone number with the prefix "tel:+" or an email address, depending on whether the sender has their mobile phone set up with MSN Mobile or not.
  • The id attribute of the MSG tag is a 1 if it is a normal message, but a 407 indicates that the message you just sent was too long for the mobile device and the TEXT tag is then empty.