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ICQ is the first instant messaging and presence in the world, coming from Mirabilis. Bought by AOL. Now owned by Mail.ru. Now used mainly in eastern Europe. Privacy note: Russian government may have rights to access the logs under the law.[1]


Connecting to ICQ with clientlogin requires a "devID" or "devKey". They can be obtained here [2]. Official clients use the following keys:

Client Version Key
ICQ for Windows 7.2 (or earlier) to 7.5 gu19PNBblQjCdbMU
ICQ for Java 3.0.0 ic10GdI_eL50oMQ_
ICQ for Mac/Linux (Adobe AIR) ?? ic1-IIcaJnnNV5xA
ICQ for Windows Mobile ?? mi12f8a_qCj1okmC
ICQ for Android 1.0.1 ao1mAegmj4_7xQOy
Web ICQ ?? ic1Fvhd7u8Msuxui

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